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First of all, what is Bio-Immuno(G)enetic Medicine, or BI(G)Med for short ?

It is a  medical care method, intervening on several levels, as much from a diagnosis point of view as from a therapeutic one.

As regards the diagnosis of diseases, especially chronic diseases affecting the human being, this method uses extremely effective biological tests, with the purpose of SCREENING any disorder within the person's cells as early as possible, whether they be regular cells for example, such as those found in the immune system, or on the contrary, pathological cells, such as cancerous ones, among others. Treatment can then be established as soon as possible, enabling these cellular anomalies to be CORRECTED or even PREVENTED.
Indeed, BI(G)Med is above all, a method involving early screening and preventive treatment, the established goal being to prevent a great number of people from developing diseases, which could in time prove to be particularly severe.
Screening is carried out by means of blood tests, aimed at measuring a number of specific biological parameters, known to be especially revelatory of certain diseases.  

Analysis of these biological tests is performed by highly-specialised biological laboratories at the forefront of technology in this field, and in compliance with the latest European certifications in force. 
Interpretation of the results of these analyses may only be carried out by doctors who have undergone appropriate training, acquired by the following course of seminars organised by CON.FORM-BIMUREG or one of their certified partners.  
Doctors prescribing these biological tests may also acquire assistance regarding diagnosis or treatment within the scope of  BI(G)Med, not only from CON.FORM-BIMUREG, but also from the laboratories performing the relevant tests. 
This forms a major part of CON.FORM-BIMUREG's advisory capacity and is available both in France and abroad.
This section obviously includes a great deal of INFORMATION, made available both to the patient and the relevant professionals within the medical field, starting of course with therapists.
The purpose of this communication is to enable BI(G)Med to become more widely-known, and to understand not only what it is, but also its approach and objectives.
As its name suggests, BI(G)Med operates in association with immunological and genetic processes, aiming to regulate these processes in the best possible way in the interests of the cells making up the human body.
It appears obvious today that «no-one can escape from their genes» and therefore, any attempt to control the development of a chronic disease must inevitably involve the regulation of the relevant genes within the diseased cells.
Regulating these genes by no means implies attempting to modify them, which in any case is absolutely impossible to achieve. Indeed, the aim is to normalise their expression, i.e. to reorient their expression physiologically.    
In order to do this, BI(G)Med has developed an innovative means of treatment in the form of small molecules named « microARNs ». The role of these molecules is to slow down the expression of most of the genes within the cells, thus modulating the transcription of the famous cellular DNA located in our chromosomes and which ultimately makes us the unique beings we are. 
CON.FORM-BIMUREG has applied for a patent regarding the use of such molecules in homoeopathic form with a therapeutic objective. 
As well as these microARNs, BI(G)Med uses a very wide range of other molecules involved in the working mechanisms of both the immune and genetic cell systems, all specifically prepared solely in homoeopathic form, or « succussion-dilution » in pharmacological jargon. 
The first great advantage of this technique resides in the total  absence of any adverse side-effects. At a time when a considerable number of cases linked to the toxicity of various medicines are making the news, this represents a major argument in favour of prescribing this type of remedy called BIMUREG® for Bio ImMUno REGulator. In addition, the degree of dilution of these substances means that they are in perfect harmony with most of the molecules within our cells, including their core.
Furthermore, these products are currently proving highly effective in hundreds of clinical cases, helping patients, many of whom have very serious chronic diseases (with equally serious consequences), to stabilise and even neutralise their disease.  
Another considerable advantage of BIMUREGs®  is that they can be associated with any other form of treatment, without  interfering with the latter and without losing their own efficacy. 
There are at present over fifty BIMUREGs®, able to intervene as regulators in a large number of disorders, linked to chronic pathologies affecting human beings throughout the world, such as :
  • chronic infectious diseases caused by bacteria, fungi or viruses
  • many inflammatory diseases, particularly those of an auto-immune nature
  • most cancerous diseases of a solid tumour type or malignant haematological nature
  • a great number of cardiovascular, metabolic or degenerative diseases
  • diseases of a largely allergenic nature

The ultimate goal of all these remedies is always to support the  auto-regulatory mechanisms of the cell, in order to re-establish its normalised, optimal means of functioning.

These products are currently manufactured by a pharmaceutical laboratory attached to a pharmacy located in Brussels, Belgium. The stem-molecules are provided by large international firms who are in a position to certify that these molecules are manufactured in compliance with legislation in force. These stem molecules are then diluted and dynamized in the form of traditional homoeopathic granules and are sold in small, traditional, tube-shaped containers.