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The third activity carried out by CON.FORM-BIMUREG involves the more specific field of invention, which obviously in our case, is linked to the development of BIMUREG® products.

Development of the formulas originally leading to the creation of BIMUREG®, began in 2007 and was at first intended to  complement the prescription of other preparations used at that time, within the scope of MICRO-IMMUNOTHERAPY.
Gradually, over the course of time, our company realised the value of concentrating on a unique form of treatment, refining and perfecting these formulas, to achieve significant advances in medical therapy. All these factors have contributed considerably to the development and expansion of BIMUREG® products today.

The originality of this research lies essentially in its  polyethyopathogenic nature, meaning that within a common therapeutic approach, it aims to unite the greatest possible number of factors and mechanisms involved in various pathological processes, as almost everything functions in the form of networks within the living matter.

The first step is to research all the molecular, immunogenetic, biochemical and microbiological processes relating to given types of pathological disorders, which have been validated and published by the scientific community.

This stage represents a key-moment in this type of research, as it requires great commitment regarding the understanding and in-depth study of a vast amount of data from diverse sources. Obviously, this cannot be done without the systematic use of information technology.
Once these physio-pathological processes have been explored, the second step involves identifying the molecules most likely to be capable of regulating the disrupted mechanisms as a whole, and linking them together using the most suitable dilutions. Once again, the use of information technology is essential here.
In order to prove effective, this research must be continual. In addition, complete and flawless commitment is required of CON.FORM-BIMUREG, in order to ensure the follow-up of all the scientific discoveries made in the field of molecular biology, currently occurring almost on a daily basis. 
It is only from such an exacting commitment that CON.FORM-BIMUREG will be able to continue maintaining the essential quality and efficacy required of BIMUREG® products, these two aspects having always been our golden rule.