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The second area of CON.FORM-BIMUREG's activities involves training. Our training is intended for health professionals, essentially doctors holding university qualifications in their respective countries, or other qualifications recognised by an official body in compliance with European Union regulations, such as that of Heilpraktiker in Germany. It is also open to qualified dentists, veterinary surgeons, midwives and pharmacists.
Training involves a series of two-day seminars, enabling participants to acquire the essential basic theory required in order to understand and implement BI(G)Med, and also includes technical assistance concerning the biological diagnosis and the efficient prescription of BIMUREG® products.
The basic programme, common to all countries, includes :
  • a general introductory seminar explaining the method
  • a seminar devoted to infectious diseases
  • a seminar dealing with allergenic and metabolic diseases
  • a seminar concerning cancerous pathology
  • and finally, a seminar relating to auto-immune diseases
After this, the programme includes one-day training sessions devoted to the daily practice of BI(G)Med, as well as annual refresher courses, as this discipline is undergoing constant development and therefore requires those who practise it to update their knowledge on a regular and permanent basis.

At present, these training courses, all of which are fee-paying, are held in four European countries :

  • Germany
  • Austria
  • Spain
  • France

On-line training, also fee-paying, is currently being organised, to enable participants to form an initial opinion of  BI(G)Med without having to travel.


The person responsible for training is Doctor Gilbert GLADY, who has been engaged both in research and teaching in this field for many years, and has lectured at numerous seminars throughout Europe.
Those wishing to know more about this training programme, can register on the part of the website devoted to professionals.